Sunday, January 2, 2011

When it's time to composed my new resolutions for 2011
1) To get to Nitec in Community & social care. 2) To find a job 3) To be independent 4) To spent time with my bofie. 5) Not to give up in life

This are all my resolutions. I'll do it by slowly. There's no rush in doing things.
This wednesday,i'll just wait for my result's application. I hope this time round,they won't reject my application. Oh god,pls help me to get into that course. Hopefully la. Insyallah. :) Talking about finding a work,i don't know what type of work can i do. I want to take job that suits me. Part time sales job?..
Sales assistants? Maybe. All that depends. :) Hey! I love my sayang so much. I'm nothing without him. I'm lonely without him. I'm missing him. ;(..

Back to my story. Today i woke up late again. I feel so sleepy. Yea. My sister's are all here. Today we cook Nasi Lemak. :D Sedap tau. hehe. My mum is asking me to learn cooking. It's not that i'm not interested in cooking. But,my talent is not in cooking. If i want to cook,the talent will come by itself. :D ok la! I'm outs!

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