Tuesday, February 22, 2011

   <3 2 more months..I'll be waiting for that moment <3
Yes,2 more months to April! I'll be going for holiday!. From 21April-24April 2011..
You must be wondering to where i'm going holiday at. Hehes..
My aunties and us will be going to Telantan&Terengganu for holiday!.
It's our Family holiday & Cousin gathering sessions..
We will be leaving singapore for Kelantan at 9pm at night...
We will be staying over at Kelantan for 2 days and 1 night..
I don't know where we will be staying. I think we will be staying at the hotel.
Then we will be going Terengganu from kelantan. We will depart from Kelantan in the afternoon.
So,arrival at Terengganu will be at night. Staying over for 1 night.
Not forgetting to do some shopping stuff. :)
On the 24th of april 2011,we will depart from Terengganu to Singapore at 10am.
I'm sure there will be lots of fun,with the plans.
I can't wait to see my cousin's back again!.
I miss them so much..especially i miss my 11 year old cousin!.
We always do something together. :D
Sayang,do you want anything from kelantan or terengganu?..
A gift for u?..I'll buy something special for eu. :)

Oh ya,happy advance Birthday to my Brother!.
Sorry,we are not in singapore during your birthday celebration.
But you have your wifey to celebrate your birthday!.
It seems that i have 2 birthday's to celebrate on april.!
My niece,Sofia Eliza!..And my Brother.
So yea. What can i get for my niece's birthday present?..
Toys? But what kind of toys? She have alot of toys to play at home.
Books?..Yea,somehow i got that in mind.
(May)Mother's day?..What shall i get for ibu?..
Last year i gave her a rose & a card.
This year?..I'll think about it.
(June)Dad's Birthday? What shall i get for him?..
Last year i gave him a card only. What about this year?..
(july) OhNo..my friends birthday. eheh..12 july! Honeybunch it's ur birthday..
It keeps me thinking..what shall i get for eu?..hmm..
Tell me what would u like to have?
Books? Shirt? Tie? Ticket? (Nak gy mane sey dgn ticket tu..hehe) Foods? Movies? Teddy bear? Posters? hmm...lastly what i could think of is ME?...
Sayang..if only i can read ur mind. I guess i'll be knowing what u want for ur birthday present!. hehe..
Oh btw,have u find a suitable job yet?..
Somebody's going to ORD soon!..(chey Mcm phm sey i nie..ehehe..)
Sayang..do u feel what i am feeling right now?..
Do u feel that..i've steal ur heart?..preciously..
Sorry,i can't upload the neoprint. Printer spoil :(
err..errr..sayang,can u promise me something?
Promise me that u will not leave me alone?..
Will i be staying forever in ur heart..?
Will i be your one and only girl?..
Will u keep the precious teddy bear that i've bought for eu?..
Will u grow old with me?..
How do you feel when i walk into ur life?..
I'm sure the answer will be yes..

For the first time u walk into my life,i know & i can feel that u are my one and only
sayang that i love. My heart was taken by eu. *Reserved*
To be honest with u,i'm actually waiting for someone to pick up my
broken heart,that was broken into pieces.
I was broken hearted,because of my past love life.
At that point of time,i nearly gave up on guys. I don't trust them anymore.
I don't even know,what's the meaning of love.
I gave my love,to someone whom i trust that much..
but he broke it. He just went with another girl,which mostly i can say is my close friend.
I can really tell u,i was too heartbroken and i cried everyday.
Until,the day i meet u,i realised that everything changes.
You light my life. Sayang,
with all from my heart i can truely say that i love u so much.
Don't hurt my feelings as my heart is not too fragile to handle that kind of situations. (You know what i mean)
I don't want to lose u,neither i wana lose that love i've given too eu.
May Allah protect us,and guide us through our difficult times that we are facing. :)
Insyallah,our relasionship will last forever.
Sayang,i've to go now. Love u. Miss u. Muacks.
I'll see u some other times,when i'm free. Sms me sometimes kays.
I don't wana be alone.

Wih love,

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