Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fight again..
I did my best to apologise to her. But she won't forgive me.
I'm lost,hurt and blur. I'm heartbroken. :'(..
why did all this happened to me?..why?...
I've been facing this hurt and pain for the past few years...
It's all starting again..this is worst..
I just wanted all this to end..
but things had to go this way..
I'm so hurt..even to talk..
These day's..i've been acting strange..
I won't talk alot..i've been eating less...
I lock myself in my room..i'm all alone left..
to face the problem by myself..
I look at the sky..i wish i was a bird..that can fly..
fly all the way up..
I look at the stars..i wish they i felt..
Oh pls..why is this world turning me down?..
How i wish i wasn't even born..i couldn't even feel the
way i felt now..
Only god,know's how i felt..
I've been very patience's for all this years..I've gone through all this problems..But why must i suffer?.. =(..
It's heartbreaking..I felt like crying...But i can't..
I need my smile back...pls..

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