Sunday, February 20, 2011

Had a great outing with my syg last friday!...
We watch movie and eat lunch together..
We had lunch at sakura. Downtown east.
It was memoriable one..
He bought me a teddy bear. Eyore!..Thank u syg..
And i bought him a teddy bear too,secretly...
hehes. I paid for the movie tickets. :) We watch the movie
"Homecoming". It was a funny chinese show. It's about cny dinner.
After movies,we headed home. And not forgetting i saw my cousin
there too! I think she's pregnant. I didn't asked her so. She had just come back from
dubai,with her husband. I was happy to see her again. It's been a long time since
we ever see each other. We took neo print together!. My syg and me look cool..
hehe. I love u syg! ;) We proceed home after movies. I miss u too. :)
I did had a very meaningful day..with him.
syg,i just wana say thank you so much for having me as ur gf..
I hope u like the bear&present that i've bought for u..

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