Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Howdy! Backies at one.
Today was not really i can call it a day. I had a bad tooth ache.
Until it droved me to the dentist. The dentist take a look at my tooth.
Damn painful. The dentist said that my tooth broke into half. I mean stronger tooth.
The one that's to the left and the 4th teeth. It broke into half. Yea. I think i have eaten to much sweets,that makes my tooth broke into half. Then my sister took me to the other dentist where i had an xtray done. It nearly took me an hour to get that tooth pluck out. Firstly,the dentist had to inject on my gums to make it soft. And when the procession is done,then the dentist clean my teeths and double check it again. And after that i was ready to get my to pluck out!. I didn't cry. It was painfull,but i'm big enough to endure the pain. So,what i did was to listen to music. Relaxing.
Overall i had to opened my mouth bigger!. After all had done,i was given medications to let the teeth&swollen parts rest. I was given a mouth washing cleaser too. And not forgetting they gave me panadol's too,just in case i get feverish. Some people,when they had their tooth pluck out,there is a chemical in our body that will make us having rare fever. So,it's better that i take those pills. And after plucking out my tooth,i can't even eat.! Because of the painless of my tooth. Okies. That's all for today. Byes! :D

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