Monday, February 14, 2011

Howdy!..Backies again.
On sun,i had a blasting day. Grandma's here from KL..
She comes over here to just see my mum who is sick..
She comes here with my 2 aunties. Yea. It's been 18 years since i
last saw them. The last time,when they come to singapore is like many years ago,
back to when i was small,and still staying at hougang..
And they only come for 1 week. Yea.
I was so excited to see them again,as it's not everyday that i see them.
They come all the way from KL..and of course we throw some special party for them.
I was over the moon,where my aunty asked me to be her tour guide for the day.
I brought her to geylang. She wanted to see geylang serai so much. As in,the changes that singapore had progress..:) Firstly we took the bus. Alight at paya lebar and walk to TKC.
I was shocked when i see so many maids with B.L around geylang area. We walk and walk. I bought myself some CD's. And my aunty bought some (whatever it spells) back to KL. Then we walk to the MRT stn. We took MRT home. Suddenly,my aunty drink inside the mrt. I quickly snap out. I told her,that we can't drink inside the Mrt. And she taught it was only INSIDE the train. Haha. As soon as we arrived at serangoon stn,we took bus to go home. It was ard 7 plus when we reach home. They are leaving soon. So,they have to packed their stuff and bath. Before they go,i had my last meal with them. My maid cooks Nasi goreng. Then we eat together,before they left for tanjong pagar railway stn. It was 830pm,as they have to take leave. They hug my mum,and we cried. As for me,i didn't cry. Not that i don't miss them,but i'm sending them off. My brother-in-law send them back. I took daddy's motorbike. Their train departure is at 1030pm. We reach there at 915pm. Still have the time to take picture's and have a long chat. Soon,it's 10pm. They have to made their way inside the train. My dad & me bid them farewell. I hug my grandma and my aunties. I nearly cried. But yes,i have to be strong. Maybe during the holiday's i'll visit them. Seeing them off,was the painful time that i've to go thru. I wave at them and waited for them to get in the train and soon we got off. I left tanjong pagar railway stn,with a heavy heart. I was thinking abt running back into the railway and hugged my grandma for one last time. But it was never accomplished. I cried in my heart. As soon as i reach home,those unforgettable momories still linger's in my mind. That very afternoon,i slept with grandma and when i sleep i taught the one beside me is my grandma,but it wasn't. I was mistaken that was my maid. hahas!. And well,i have alot of memories that i spend with them. At least i gave them my childhood photos and the real me now,as a memory for grandma. And i know,i'm a very good granddaughter to my grandma!. Love u loads nenek!. Lastly,syg i can't wait to see u this friday. 18/02/11. :) I got suprises for eu!. Love u so much! muacks!.
your's sincerely
Pwincessfafa :D

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