Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm back again. Today was awesome.
I woke up early again just to go to jb. My uncle who drives the car. Yea. It was fun..
I slept in the car through out the journey. I'm so sleepy!. Yea. Kinda. Hais..
but we went home early,cause daddy needs to go for wedding. I wanted to go geylang to buy some
Malay CD's,but daddy turn me down. He said we would go next time. All i could say is ok. He's most probably tired. After all,i was tired too. Yay! Tmr,grandma will be coming to s'pore to see us!. But she will be here only for one day. :'(.. She needs to go back to Melaka,cause my aunty is working the next day. Sadly,my brother who is working and only will be back on mon can't see her. He's hope was high. Only me and my sister's are seeing her. I think tmr night i'll be sending her to tanjong pagar railway station,to see her off. She's taking the Train from kuala lumpur to singapore. My sister's are inviting my grandma and my aunties back to home. I can't wait to see grandma!. I know,i'm going to cry when i see her. It's been a long time since i ever see her. I miss her so much and i really2 wana hug her tight. I only left with 2 grandma's. My both grandpa's had already passed away as i've mention it on one of my post. :) I'll be getting up early morning and get ready! Grandma's arrival will be at 7am. So most probably,at 8am they should be arriving at my place. :) I'm so excited to see her. i just can't wait for tmr. (13/02/11)!. Ok,that's all for today..
Signing off,
FallOutGirL (L)

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