Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm suffering from depression :(
Doctor say's i'm suffering from depression..
I just get my health check up. My doctor say's
I look very pale and my concentration is lacking.
The doctor told me,that i can't get stress,can't think too much and
can't be left alone. :(
My doctor say's if i want to get well,i've to make myself happy
i can't think of something of that makes me worried. :(
Doctor Hui ping say's if i do think too much,i'll get asthma and
i'll get very tired and look very pale. :(
I've to take medicines everyday.
She say's,i will get better within a week,if i take medicines regulary.
Oh god,please guide me to your path..
I'll do anything,to make myself happy... :)
As for now,i can only put on a fake smile...

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