Monday, February 7, 2011

It's been 1 week past since i start working..i've gain many experiences in working..
Next week i'm in the afternoon shift. Ohmy. It's rotating shift that i'm supposed to do.
My work place is had 2 shifts. Morning and night. The first two weeks of work is morning.
Then rotate. So tiring! I'm begininig to enjoy my work. My senior is damn funny. My working place,everyone talks malay. But some of it we talk english. Most of my seniors are malaysian.
There is doctor in my working place. We can see her for free,but our ic is taken for record. :)
Cool rite?..hehe. At work we can't talk so much. We have to concentrate on our work. My break time is only 30 minutes. Yea. :) I've to grab my food and eat faster. Going home time was the time that i was looking forward too. After a long day of working,most of us are very exhausted. Tired. We have to wait for the bus and it brings us to our destination. As for me,i'll have to stop at hougang cause it's the only place that goes. It took nearly 1half hour to reach cause the place is very far. My work place is at boon lay. Ok,i'm already very tired! Working tmr! :) I'm outs! Cheerios! :D

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