Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've lost best friend..
why doesn't she wants to forgive me?..why?..
I've apologised to her repeatedly..but yet she don't want to
forgive me?..I already said i didn't do it on purposely..
But yet she is still ignoring me..even at fb..
she wants to fight with me..
I was wandering why did she do this to me...
I love her so much..i treat her like my own sister..
but yet she's treating me in this way..
I just heartbroken..lost and hurt..
Why is everyone making me hurt?..pain?..
Am i facing this world alone?..I just don't want to feel that way..
I need my sister..but she's at mood..
I've always been talking to her..when i'm down..
but she's far from me.. I really need my sister..
I miss her. Her daughter too. Which is my niece..
I need my bofie..i wish he was here. I need a hug syg! :'(..
I miss u.

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