Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome back fafa!..
I'm posting this to myself?..Hahas!.
kk! Let's get to some real business.
I slept over my sister's place for 3 days. I accompany sofia's.
I babysit her for 1 day. Alone. Yea. She's been not too cranky.
She listen's to what i say,although she doesn't even understand fully of them.
I was cleaning the kitchen as it was too messy..there she when crying. I pamper her,
and she began crying so loudly as if she had seen a ghost. But i can understand that she's sick.
So,i stop cleaning the kitchen and i on the television for her. I opened up cartoon for her to see.
But instead of seeing the cartoon,she suddenly hugged me so tight.! You know what cartoon that i opened? Teletubies! She loves teletubbies so much! But? She come hugging me so tight. And the best part was i changed the channel for her. Then she stop. I asked her to sit down awhile,while i go clean up the remainings. 20 mins of silences from her,there she go again!. Crying. By the time i have already finish up cleaning the whole mess. Phewww!..It's time to give her medicine's and sleep!. After that,i make for her milk and put her to sleep. She sleeps. But coughing. Again,i continue to clean the house. I was damn angry with her because she only slept for 1 and half hours. The medicine not good enuf for her is it?..haish..I decided to put her at the front so that she can watch tv. Finally my sister's home! We went out to see my brother's place and we go to punggol end. It's been ages since i last step into there. I was overjoyed to see the changes that have been progressing. At punggol end,it used to be a site where world war 2 was being held. The japanese then torcher people and kill them with a knife and throw them into the sea. It's then the place was haunted by the spirits of the unknown. Till now,it's still haunted. Oh btw,there is a housing estate over at punggol end. It's a terrance. Would you be daring enuf to buy the house over there,as the place will be very dark at night. If me,i wouldn't do that. It's so scary!. My sister then bought me to punggol bay sands! Popeye!. yay! She treat me to food as i've clean up her house and taking care of sofia too! :D I'll be sleeping over at her place again tonight!. :D Okies! I'm outz! XOXO..

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