Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When boredom strikes...
Things started to changed..
Today i was late for work. Due to sleep late last night.
I woke up at 930am. OMG! I taught i was not late.
But overall,i was late already. I wanted to go work..
But i decided to call my superviser. And lucky she didn't scold me.
She understood. Tmr i must report to work as per usual.
Yay! My grandma's coming this saturday!. It's been a long time since
i last saw her. I miss grandma's cooking!. I only have 2 grandma's left.
My both grandpa had passed away. I didn't managed to see my grandpa's for the last time,
before they held their last breath. My 1 grandpa died when i was only 2 years old.
My great grandpa died when i was in sec 2. I didn't even managed to go back to melaka,
so see him for the last time. But i when back with my aunties to see my grandma. I also went
see grandpa at the graveyard. I prayed for him. I recite the Al-quran. I miss him so much.
I always remember the times i had with him. There was once's i when outing with him. I took motorbike. He was the one who ride it. It was fun. Even thou i don't even know the neighbours.
Yea..it's kampung life.(: The environment is much more niecer than living in town. hehe. :)
Ok i'm done for the day post and i'm outz! Nitez! :D

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