Wednesday, March 30, 2011

34 things that u SHOULD know about me.
1) My name is FaRaH.
2) Pwincessfafa/fafa is my super sweet nickname.
3) I'm friendly,open minded(Not to sexual stuff) kind hearted,soft hearted and bittersweet.
4) I'm a good listener and loves to advise people.
5) I love music. I'm addicted to them.
6) I'm taken/attached.
7) I love to collect teddy bear's as my hobbies.
8)I believed in god.
9)My family is most important to me.
10) I can't leave without my iphone.
11)I can't leave my house without these things:
My fave sling bag
My mp3 player & earpiece
Ezlink card & Money
Comb! (Most important)
My hp (Most very important)
12) Must wear make-up when going out (If i don't put them on,i feel something is missing)
13)Pink,purple,baby blue,orange is my fave colour
14) Turning 19 this coming july 19..(Hey! The date and the year old is the same!)
15) A big fan of taufik batisah,hady mirza,sezairi sezali,taylor swift and jay sean
16) Had an history of asthma..
17 Love playing with water ^-^(swimming pool)
18) Love to walk in the rain..(Cause,nobody know's i'm crying in the rain)
19) Love to put on a smile..(In the morning)
20) Love to sleep late at night..(Mostly at 12am..hehe)
21) Love to listen to ghost story..(At ria 89.7fm)
22) Love to watch DVD's! (Mostly to love story,funny and scary movies)
23) Love to sing in the shower..(My habit in doing this..kekeke..)
24) Love suprises..(Birthday suprises..etc..heh..)
25)Tv is not my main best thing..
26) Love to cook
27) Love to daydream..
28) Love to take photos for other's (btw,i'm a professional photographer..hehe. Like real!! )
28) Love to drink hot tea..
29) Love babies!! :)
30) Love the cartoon strawberry short cake! :D
31) I'll give my love to that special someone,whom handles my heart with care. :D
32) I love to sms people when i'm bored. (Normally my prepaid will be low..kekeke)..
33) I love to read! (I'm a bookworm!)
34) I love my boyfriend <3 <3

33 thing that i REALLY hate about..
1) I hate lizards & Cocroaches..
2) I hate name callings.
3) I hated a friend in back in sch sec. (I don't want to mention her name here)
4) choosy about food..( I don't like eating beef and other things that i hated)
5) I hate 100 plus. (But i drink them..ehehe..)
6) I hate boys who are gay!
7) I hate tattoos.!
8) I hate rude people,who doesn't appreciate what i did for them!
9) I hate gangster who acts tough and macho..
10) I hate it when i get angry..(I look like a ghost when i'm angry)
11) I hate old uncle who's trying to act sissy. (esp those in the market)..
12) I hate it when i get runny nose/blocked nose..(Uncomfortable sleep :/)
13) I hate it when people switch on the light when i'm sleeping..(It's kinda bright!)
14) I hate stinko people..(esp those sec students get home and they smell like stinko! err..sorry no offences!)
15) I hate it when i misplace things..
16) I hate it when people talk dirty to me. (They are Ignorance to me..)
17) I hate people to talk behind my back..(it's rude plus i know whatcha talking about..)
18) I hate it,when i'm serious ppl will laugh..( totally irritating people)..
19) I hate it,when people is trying to scared me in various ways.(You know,i'll turn very pale!)
20) I hate it when,i'm sick. (Never get to enjoy my sleep peacefully)
21) I hate bangla's. (smelly like sheep..kekeke)..( I mean man not woman!)
22) I hate doctor's. (Because they are not god)..
23) I simply hate to draw. ( My drawing looks like chicken sketching)..
24)I hate smelly places ( you know where i mean)..kekeke..
25) I hate karung guni man! (cause they are noisy..kekeke)..
26) I hate bad perfume smell. ( Makes me giddy)....
27) Hate people drinking beer. (When they are "high" they start their tranturms..)
28) Hate muddy place. (I'm not a p**)
29) Hate santa clause. (cause he doesn't grant my wish..)
30) Hate people to snap picture's of me..( What i mean is candi shot! I look ugly ohkays!)
31) Hate dogs. (They are noisy animals ohkays!)
32) I hate minah's. ( Acting cute ke perh?)
33) What eles i hate uh?..
Might be i hate you!!
Me? Yes! You! Pethetic idiot!..
(Err..sorry..i'm getting crazo here)..kekeke..
So,now you know what i like and what i don't?
Yes? No?
Answe me!!!
Go to heaven larh!..
The end of this post..
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