Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As for today,let's do a short post.
I'm current busy running here and there.
I've quitted my job. :(
It's not because of the pay,but the work venue. It's very far.
I work at tuas. So,from my house to tuas is very far.
Although there is a shuttle bus for us,i still consider it's far
because i have to wake up very early. Now i'm currently resting at home.
I'm looking for another part time job,near my vicinity.
I've gotten my pay last week,and i quitted. My senior's all ask me,
why i've quitted. The reason i gave them was the work place is very far.
My boss and supervior understand's my situation..
As for now,i'm currently in progress of finding a job..Nearest.
:D ok,i've to go now! xoxo! :)

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