Monday, March 7, 2011

Barney - I Love You

Honeybunch..I don't know if u hated barney that much. But this song is for you. I love you..You Love me..Do u still remember the time we had together? I wanted to sing this for eu..but i did not make it in the end..But i still have eu in my heart. I miss those times,that we had together. I miss your smile,laughter and everything. Sometimes,i'll just sit by the window and look at the stars. Those stars makes me happy..cause i know
u're always in there. I look upon our picture that we took,the times we had fun and sweet memories. Those picture's are stuck forever in my heart and i've put it in my secret box. The ring that u gave me,i always wear it on my fingure,cause ur fingure is stuck with mine. It's been ages since i'm single. And now,i've found u. I'll be loving u. That teddy bear u bought for me,i've been hugging it when i'm sleeping. Right thru deep in my heart,there's always you. :) Syg,i don't wana lose u..

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