Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear diary,
                    It's been a year,since everything happened. I tired to forget it,but i can't. I simply just can't. But i've been trying to forget that moments that i had. I regretted. I feel like a toy which it can be played with. Life has to go on..I just pretended nothing happened. I just want to leave the matter alone. But seriously,i know i do have a choice! :) The choice i'm making now is too leave that alone. Today (11/03/11)which falls on every year has a deep impact/memories. Only certain people,in my life will know. It's no more a secret. The secret itself has leak. Ok,let's get back on track to what i'm going to say right now.

I'm eating koko crunch! My favourite cereal when i'm still small. Until,now i still love eating koko crunch! It's so crunchy! And besides,it's good for health! ^-^ Yesterday,what a weirdo dream i had. I was dreaming that some ghost are catching me. And until my maid told me that i was talking in my sleep! What malay's used to call "Bercakap dalam tidur". It's lucky that i don't sleep walking. Hahas! If i sleep walking,i don't even know where i'm going too!. Today,i feel like eating Nasi Lemak,at changi village. Daddy's bringing me over. yay! Only at changi,you can find the best place to eat Nasi lemak.! :) If you wana eat Nasi Ayam penyet,is at bedok corner. Then if u wana eat western delights,is at simpang bedok. :) Ok,let me tell u something which people don't know about me. I'm gona talk about my fav hang out place. hahas!..You wana know where? Jeng Jeng jeng!! :) When i'm upset,feeling stress,feeling like wana cry the place that i'll always go to is at CHANGI BEACH. That's where i take fresh air. And relax my mind. That's the place where i'll always cry my hearts out. If you wana find me sometime,i'll be at changi beach carpark C or D. Near to the playground. Sometimes,i'll go alone. Mostly i'll go there on sat or sun. :) So now, you know which place already? hehes. Next is my favourite shopping place. ViVoCity! :) I used to go there to buy books. :) Next is the place where i feel like being alone,and cry is.... (The place is not that far) in my room. hehehe. I'll lock myself inside the room and cry. The place where i feel comfortable,and can put my mind at east is at the mosque. :) OK,here is all "Changi beach,vivocity,my room and the mosque.". Rmb! Now,u people can find me there already. :) ok,that's all for today! I'm outz! Byes! Xoxo! :D

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