Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear diary,
Today was not called a day for me. I meet my boyfriend today,at tampines.
So,we went to tampines mall. Jalan-jalan there.
After that we go to tampines one.
I couldn't find what i wanted to find there.
So,in the end we go and eat.
He treated me KFC. I wanted to pay for my food. But he said "Don't waste my money"..
:) Bandito's. And after that we made our way home.
In the mrt,itself i felt so uneasy. My breathing was going up and down.
I'm breathless. And i needed that fresh air.
He send me home back to serangoon...
But in the end,i fainted because i couldn't breath at all.
The next thing i knew was,i was surrounded by paramedic's.
They took my high blood pressure. And they said i was breathing heavily.
Yes. I was having numbness in my hands. And was sweating.
They wanted to take me to the hospital and i denied them.
Cause i don't want to worry my mum and dad.
Sayang..Sorry to trouble you. I have should have tell u,that i'm not feeling well since in the train.
I don't want you to worry about me. I have a history of asthma.
I have headache often too. I'm on medication. ;)
Sayang..i'm sorry. Forgive me.. :(..
I love you..I miss you..
Don't leave me alone..I need you.. <3

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