Monday, March 21, 2011

 I don't know why all this happening to me.
Seriously,i find it difficult to explain things over..
I keep on falling over things.
I feel so alone,empty and hurt.
Mum is angry with me,for taking out money from my atm card.
Dad,obviously he's in his own world.
I'm in the world of my own. I'm had a blocked nose.
I didn't talk much at home. =(
At home,everybody is like doing their own things.
No one is talking.
Sometimes,i just wander why can't my family be like
last time? We used to joke around and gather again as
one whole family.
But now,the changes that i've begin to see.
I know,that i'm the youngest in the famliy.
My siblings are all married and had their own family.
I'm all left alone,with my destiny..
I just wander when can i turn 20?..
I hated to be like this.
Even my parents are still treating me like small kids.
But i'm NOT a Kid anymore!! =(..
Nobody understood my feelings.
Which they only know how to scold me..
I'm just a person who has feelings.
Can i just walk and gave up?
Only god know's how i feel now.
I lost my sense of laughter and smile..
Nobody tends to make me smile again..
Now,all i need is a big hug..
I want a big hug!! =(..

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