Friday, March 25, 2011

Good evening to everyone..
It's 10.07pm when i blogged..
I choose to blog at night because everyone's sleeping and i can have some peace at night..
There's alot of things happening to me today. (25/03/11)
First thing that i'm going to tell u is,i'm alone at home for half a day.
Mum's out to hospital. Dad's working half day.
And he come's home after friday prayer's.
We went out to have my dinner.
My dad's set out for little india,to buy some food.
And after that we go to changi village to have my dinner done.
Before i carry on with my story's...
Let me tell u one tragic story...
I told you that i was at home right?..
And guess what? I smell something burning..
To my suprise,the smell is coming from my kitchen.
I taught my kitchen caught on fire or what..
But lucky it didn't..but,the smell is so strong and unbearable..
I check in every part of my house..
But still i can't detect where is the smell coming from..
But i knew,the smell is coming from the kitchen!..
I remembered the rubbish chute!
And i knew it! The rubbish chute caught fire!..I don't know who the hack did that.
Maybe it's my neighbours who throw's something from downstairs,which he/she had burn it. tsktsk.
The smoke was so unbearable. When i opened up the rubbish bin,the heat was so hot!..
And i had to used a wet towel to opened up.
From the inside,i can see the big fire burning..! I took immediate action.
haha! I sms one of my friend and she asked me to call 995. And i did..
But to my suprises,i call the wrong no! I called 999?..Ohno?!
But i can't put the phone down. Cause later i scared the police will taught i prank call them..! So,i explained the situation to them in a calm manner. I told them that my rubbish chute caught fire and i need the fire-fighter's to put out the fire.
And in 10 mins,they arrived! So fast!..
So yea..the smoke was so thick..
And the operation took 5 mins only. hehe..
And the left after they investigate...
So,get back to my story!..
I had fish and chips for dinner!
Yummy!..the best fish and chips ever! :)
And after that we sit at changi beach awhile.
It was so humid,and the sun is burning my skin!
And somemore,there's a long jam to little india..
cause there is accident..tsktsk.
And ohmy..i had some burn skins..
It's kinda pain.. :'(..
But no worries,i have put some lotion on my skin!
Ok,it's 11pm and it's time to sleep! Tmr i'm off to jb in the morning.! 26/03/11..
I'll see ya,when i see ya.! Xoxo!..
Good nites!

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