Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good,afternoon ladies and gentlemen.
I'm here to talk about the fatigue day i had today.
I've been very Frazzle today.
I've nothing to do yet still.
I feel so shatter today! Arrg!
I'm simply bored to death!
Anyway's i start the day with a artificial smile.
I was being told by my maid that,
my mum only had 6 months to prevail.
She had been going through breast CanCer.
The doctor told her,that her CanCer is at the last Stage. *Stage 4*
There is a chance for her to recover. Hopefully.
She's been undergoing chemotherapy.
Basically,doctor's are not GOD.
They can't jump to their conclusions
to say that she's going to depart..
I need her still. I've not even said sorry or do anything yet.
I still have alot of things to do with her.
I want her to be pleased with me..
Now,what despair me is still there.
Mum & Dad are not talking..
They are always fighting..about foods and stuff.
Now,mum doesn't want to communicate with him anymore.
I pray to god,that they will talk again =(
Subsequently,i know they can overcome this.
ok,i've to make my way now,
bye! :D

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