Tuesday, March 15, 2011

                                                                               Hi HoneyBunch! :D First thing that i wanna say is that i miss you so much! Congrats! You finish your Army! I am happy for you..hmm,someone can work like other people outside uh..hehes! You work at geylang right? Can stalk you already! wakaka! No la,i'm just joking. :) Sayang,you remember the first time we meet? We were supposed to meet at Amk,but i can't go out due to a reason. So,you made your way to my house. You arrived at 1230pm. Basically,i can remember what time u reached here switheart! :D To cut the story short,we sat down at one of my housing staircase. Even that sofia is so happy to see u i guess. hehes! I still can remember that sofia's trying to sit in between us. hahas! I said to her "No,You can't spread us!"..hahas! By the time we had special moments together,you need to go home.
Alamaks! I was such a cry baby! You saw me in tears,don't you? :'(..
I hug u like crazy..and i just don't want to let u go!..Like seriously baby! ^-^

And,until we meet again! This time i go to ur house. You asked me to meet ur mum.
So,yea..i when there. :) And at last i didn't make my way home. I made my way to the hospital instead. To see my nephew. *Gross*...
If not because of my lil cousin,who gave me a call to say that she's going..
For Goodness sake,i won't make my way there instead. Penatz tau. huhuhu..
My aunty lagy can say,that i ckp main2 nk gy sane. Haish!
hahas! Then my lil cousin asked me to sleep at her house that day!
Hai..we never sleep the whole night! Best sgt bual2! wakaka..
so..getting back to my story about us!..
B,i miss going Out with you..
I miss travelling with u..hahas.
Those times,when we go for lunch..at sakura! We eat until we can't eat anymore.
And we make our way to tampines to watch movie!
Hmm..siape eh,yang bayar..hehe..
The bear that i bought for eu?..hehe..
:D B,u miss those moments tak?..
I really miss those times sey..
Yela,orang tu dah keje pe..kekekeke..
hmm..sayang,please keep that pictures that we took together tau..
Don't lost it. That's our precious moments that we spend together.! :)
I love ya! I miss ya! Hugs! Muacks!
Nitez sayang! :D

With loads of loves,
FaFaHeaRtFreaKy <3

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