Thursday, March 3, 2011

I miss primary school,back again..
I can't stop missing primary school.. :'(
I dreamt that i was in primary school back in 2000...
That's where i meet my school principal who is very kind. :)
I meet some of my friends,whom is in the same kindergarten as me.
I was very cheeky when i was in primary one. I cried alot. I was scared to go to school.
The teacher's are fierce!..But i do still remember mdm fatimah. Buddy reading. She taught me how to read properly. p.s "I improve in my english better!"..I was doing well for english subject,cause mdm fatimah said,i was a very fast learner. hehe. Don't talk to me about math. Let me asked u a question.
"Why is the math book crying"?..who know's the answer is very brilliant. :) I wasn't sure about why i hated math along the way as i was growing up. I fail my math so badly each and everytime i got my results back. I was turn down again. I went for tuition and again i can fail my math so badly..and i've to suffer to study math until sec 4. I can seriosuly tell u,that from primary 1 to sec 4 in my whole life i could never get a passable mark for my math. I can bet u for that. My favourite subject was malay. I'm the top in class! My friends can't bet me on my malay language. But certainly i can say that some guy's are better off than me. haha. I had an enjoyable memories at primary school,but i had a bad memories during my secondary times. I hated to say it here. haish..I wish it was back in the 2000..when i was in primary 1..I wish i could studied math again from the beginning..i wish all that could happened.. :(
*Life has to go on..*What's done,can't be undone*...

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