Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm extremely bored. Nothing to do mostly at home. I'm not using the laptop lately..
I'm only using it at today is raining heavily..i didn't go out anywhere..
I'm super lazy. It's damn cold at night..I'm wearing a jacket...I was on the phone with
my bff..and we chatted about 2hrs. OMG! Our conversation is fun.! We were talking about our life,love life and many other things. I talked to her,until i laugh and at the same time we cried.
I was thinking about having a perfect picture. I keep on listening to backstreetboyz! My favourite song is "inconsolable"..Yea. I love that song! The lyrics "Baby,i don't want to waste another day,keeping it inside is killing me"..That's the tune. I'll post the song here. :) ok,that's all for today! Outz! :D

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