Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Laugh alot CareBeaR <3
Nadiah,Do u remember this carebear? You gave it to me when it's was my 13th birthday. You left it at my doorstep. I don't know why u didn't want to meet me in person,to give me the carebear personally. You're my bestie. Although we only knew each other from Madrasah/Class Agama. You were in a different secondary school and i'm in a different secondary. We grew up together and do the same things together too. We even went for class Al-Quran together,every monday night. We used to fight agaisnt things,but we are always patching up together. But now,it's no longer the same. I'm really sad. You went a different way now. I've already quitted Al-Quran class. I finished madrasah until i'm sec 4. I graduated with a madrasah certificate. I saw u in ITE uniform. You just pretended not to see me. I was upset. How can u forget ur own best friend? You forget everything about me. I remembered u,but u didn't even remember me. The carebear u gave me,i've keep it safe with me. But i'm so sorry,if i had to say that i lost the carebear. :( I don't know what kind of friend i was that doesn't know how to keep things properly. :( I don't know,where are u now. I don't know if u're still staying at hougang. I've been trying to searching for eu,but i gave up. Nadiah,i'm here just to say that "I'm sorry for all mistakes that i've done towards you,and forgive all my sins that i've done." I wana apologise,before it's to late for me to do it.
Even,when i'm gone i'll miss you bestie. Stay BFF. :)

With love,
FaRaH :)

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