Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mum,dad please stop fighting =(
Please? For the sake of your childrens.
Both of you,are getting older and besides
there's no reason for both of you to keep on fighting.
Dad,please understand that mum is really sick.
Please,don't keep on nagging at her. =(
 I know,i'm at the fault that cause you both to keep on fighting =(
It's been that everyday,both of you are winning each other over little small things.
Our home,is not place to be in a war. I don't want to have another world war 3 happening.
Mum,dad i just want both of you to understand my feelings.
It's embarrasing,when people keep on asking me
if the both of you have stop arguing about small matter's.
They even asked me to talk things out between the both of you.
I don't know where should i begin..
Now,the problem is the both of you
are not talking to each other =(
Mum does her own things..while dad you do your own things.
Not even in one day,i heard the both of you talking to each other again.
You ignored each other..
Did you know,it's a heartache..
to see both of you in the state? =(
Please mum,dad..
I want our family to gather again like last time. =(
No more fighting!
May god bless..

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