Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today,i went out with zuhairah. We went to Nex Serangoon. We had our lunch at pizza hut and i had pasta. Yummy! :D And we had student meal special. :) Plus i had pepsi for a drink. Yea. Nice.! I feel so full after eating. hahas! It's been a long time since i ever eat pizza hut. My brother used to work at canadian pizza. He know's all the pizza's menu. But for,me i still prefer pizza hut. Cause it's my taste. hehes. Our soup for the day. Mushroom soup. Nice! It's the first time irah had this? hahas. It's tasty! Oh,we had to pay $18.15 cents.
I pay $7.90 and irah paid $6.90 i guess. hehe. Then after that we go to the library! :)
I was so excited to see the new library. Yea. I paid my fines. And i borrowed some books. And we make our way to somewhere. hehes! Shoik!
We only got home at 3 plus. What a tiring day!..
Now,i got fever,flu and coughing!..
hmm..time to rest.. :D

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