Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear diary,
                   Today i've no mood to do anything. I woke up late today as a result that i was not feeling quite well in the morning. I had gastric pain in the early morning..
I didn't know i slept until 3pm in the afternoon..haha. My sister-in-law also slept until evening. hahas! I've nothing to do at home. Bored. My mum when for check-up and i took the chance to sleep until afternoon. And i only had my first lunch at 4pm in the afternoon. woah..i was so hungry that i eat alot. I only stop eating from now. That means now is 8pm. I've begin to realised something..as days come by,i've been so close to my maid. Her name is Umi inayah. I called her kak ina. :) Yea..I go pasar with her every morning..help her to cook..and we even crack jokes almost everyday! ;) I treat her like my own sister. When my mum is not sick like last time,i used to crack jokes with her alot...sometimes,i just want to win over her. We used to watch tv together,go library together..then when my little niece is here,i used to feed her milk,when my mum is busy cooking. But now,it's totally different. She's sick and she needs those rest. I prayed everyday...for her speedy recovery. :) This mother's day,
i just want to hug her and told her that i love her so much..and i want to apologise for the wrong things that i've done to her through out my entire life,since i was small. :)
I miss those precious moments that we had together...

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