Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy birthday sofia eliza! :D She's 2 years old. Yesterday,we just celebrated her birthday at changi airport. We eat fish & Co. Yea. There are 20 of us. My family and including my sister mother-in-law. And not forgetting her sister-in-law too.! was a grand and big celebration. I had fish and chips artic. :) Nice! I eat until i feel so heavy. I drank passion fruit. :D And yea,after all that we had the birthday cake cut! The service people,sang for her. OMG! Alot of people watching us. And yea,it's a birthday celebration! She had this minnie mouse birthday cake. It's so yummy! I can't eat so much,because my stomach felt so bloated. Yea. :)
I was so sleepy,cause we were at airport from 7pm till 10pm. *yawns*..After the whole thing ended,my sister send me home. And i didn't felt sleepy actually,cause i still can continue to watch incredible tales until 12am. hehes.

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