Saturday, April 9, 2011

 I had a great weekend with my cousin..Nur hazwani bte jani.. :) We watch movie together..and took neo-print together...and eat together. We watch the movie "hop". Cartoon show. hahas. The show is damn funny. Hahaha..Easter bunny. So,yea. I meet her at yishun. My aunty is the one who pay for my ticket&her. My aunty treat me. Cause i got financial problems. :'(.. *Bersabar*..In english is endurance. So,after movie we headed for macdonal's! Yay! After that she wanted to go home,but then her father asked someone to fetch her. She actually wanted to go home alone,and take the bus. But her father don't allow her. :( She cried. As her best cousin/sister i've to pujuk her. It took me 15 mins to talk to her! The reason why she can't go home on her own,it's because she is only in pri 5! :) Andand it's already at night,when we go home. It's not safe for her to do so. Yea. Finally,her older sister fetch her home. :) I stayed at yishun until 630pm,just for her! Tiredd! But what to do? If i leave her alone,it's not safe. I end up reaching home at 8pm. Cause i took train all the way to punggol,my sister's place. Wana know why i reach home at 8pm? I've to divert trains! First i took from yishun to bishan then divert to circle line,to serangoon. Then from serangoon take another train to punggol. Then divert to LRT. Then after that walk home. Damn! I was standing in the mrt all the way! My leg,if it can talk i think it will say "Hey eu,i need a rest. My lungs are cracking"! Woah..i was sweating,and it's a cold wheather out there. tsktsk. I'm sleepy right now..oh dear..ok,i'm off! XoXo :)

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