Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm back after spending 7hours in hell..
I was under going an operation for my backbone.
I had backbone pains..and i did an operation..
Yea...Alhamdullilah,everything when on smoothly..
I was so scared..! :( But then i had to stay strong for myself and
for my family..I'll always know,that god is there always there watching over me...
:D And i'm safe! Thank you Allah,for the best u've given me..
My facebook,was left unattended for 2 days. hehes :) Nothing to update..
Nobody wrote on my yea. What for i fb all the way..boring je..
I rather get myself revovered fully and rest. huhuhuhu..
OK,that's all about today. Till i see you again.! XoXo..

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