Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This is the drawing that i've drawn on a drawing block. It's about my love life. As you know,i've always love him. Who is the him? Khalid is his name. Nobody can take away him from me. Nothing can seperate us. Only death can do us apart. I love him. He leaves in my heart. The first time when i know him,i was the lucky person ever. I thank god,for giving me the love from a guy that i've been waiting for. I'm grateful to have a loving person,like him. I wander does he know,about my past year's love life? Hmm..did i tell him so? Maybe yes. Maybe No?..I promise to give the love i had in me. I promise i won't leave him all alone. I love him so much,how can i leave him? He's been there for me all the time.. :)

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