Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is like waiting for the time to pass by is taking the whole day...
I've been waiting for 8pm to come by..
I've been watching video's to passed the time away..
I'm so bored at home...
I'm so lonely...
Boyfriend,where are u..
Don't leave me alone..
I need you :'(
Tv is boring...
I wana go out..but no friend to go out with..
All my friends..are schooling..
Want to find a job,also difficult..
Arrgh...what's the used of living?..
Been keeping quite since then..
I slept late..wake up also late..
What's going on with my life seriously?
At home everyone,does their own stuff..
My parents? Not talking to each other?..
Why??!! :'(..
Why can't my family be like last time again?
Getting back them together is what i wana see..
But seriously..
I got no idea..on how to get them back together...
I'm kinda stress..thinking about this..
I want them back again...
Dear god,please get them back them together again..
I'm pleading..

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