Monday, April 25, 2011

 A visit to the singapore zoo!

It was on 22/04/11,that arranged all. It was a bright sunny day,when my sister,me and my 2 year old niece decided to go to the zoo. :) We woke up at 7am in the morning. Getting ready. We had our breakfast at home. We left for the zoo at 8am. It's a friday,and it is a good friday. We are having a public holiday. So,we arrived at the zoo around 830am. The carpark wasn't full. There are still empty slots available.
We decided to park our car,a few distances away. Even before we parked our car,we saw a peacock at the carpark area. It stood still there. On-lookers decided to take a picture of the animal. But,it ran away! I guess it might had been escaping from the zoo. hehes :) When we arrived inside the zoo itself,there's already alot of people.
My sister gave me $50 to buy one admission ticket. It cost only $20.
It was a great day to be in. I was so happy to get the ticket's. I check in at the entrance. Woo hoo! I entered the zoo,with a smiling face. Yea. Firstly,we visited the white tiger enclosure. It was in the morning,so the white tiger is very hungry.
 And there was this,mother kangaroo who hop hop,and it nearly hit me. My sister was like "Adik,becareful!"..
I got a shock of my life..Next,we when to see the elephants! wee!..It was so big!..
We got to feed the elephants! $5 per bananas..
huhuhu...then we go and sit at "Garden with a view"...
We chill there breakfast..Next,we see the giraffe! wee! So tall like bamboo stick. hehes :) Rhino..the last animal was the zebra! So stripy!.. was a enjoyable day..tho i was very tired and famised. tsktsk...
Well,the day ended with a delicious sengkang compass point :)
I really had a great visit to the zoo. :)
Thanks kak filza! :D hehes ;) love you & sofia! :D Muacksxx..

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