Monday, May 9, 2011

Dear diary,
It's been a long time since i never updated my blog. I've been busy and sick.
I feel tired too. Nowadays i find myself weird. Haiss. Anyway,just forget about it.
Less talk about the election thingy. My mum & dad voted for PAP. But then it fell to the worker's party hand. Duuh! GRR! My area was under aljunied GRC. But then..hais..I support PAP. It's because they helped us more. They helped my family.
But i feel that they should win lerh. I don't know if people will vote for PAP. I still want them to win. I'm not satisfied. Niwae,never mind la. I don't bother who wins la.
As long as they the worker's party did their job.
Why is the weather so hot nowadays? I feel so sick and feel like vomitting..
My bofie is sick too. Sayang..i'm sick too :(
I think i'll go and rest. Byes! Nites! Loves..

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