Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear diary,
                  Nothing seems to be like any other day itself. I can't sleep properly. I lose my appetite to eat. Which comes to suddenly. I slept late night. I don't know what i'm thinking nowadays. The wheather is so hot nowadays. Feel's like dumping myself into the swimming pool. It's kinda refreshing. hahas :)

Let's skip this. I feel so disoriented now. I don't know why. I can't do things so properly. I can't sleep. My whole body is so painful. I felt like crying. I felt like vommiting. It's all because of that bus driver. I took a bus no 70 to go home.
But then the female bus driver drive like an F1 driver. My head got hit by the metal thing. My head's pain. And it's started spinning. I vommited once's i alighted from the bus. :'( What i've eaten,all come out. Now,i can't even get to sleep. My head is so painful larh :'( I think i better go and rest...Nites. :(

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