Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear diary,
                  Today i just felt a little happy. I had my two girls,with me. I mean my nieces. They made me smile through out the day. I felt like i'm the luckiest person
in the world. I slept with them. The three of us sleep in the afternoon. I'm so sleepy..
hahas. My 6 year old niece,hannah kept on talking about the show kung fu panda. Cause that saturday we watch the movie too. I watch it with my fave cousin. Hahas! She watched it with her parents. I watched it in 3D. Hahas! We were talking about "inner peace"..And we were doing the actions. Hahas. Let me tell u about her. She's very rough when she play with me. She has strong arms. I tell u she bit me,i can feel the pain. :( Just now she kick me in my leg. And now,i have bruised all over me. :'(
How sad? I can't scold her. She's very sensitive. Later she cry. Arrgh. Primary one already sey. Still want to cry. huhuhu! But,she is very smart. Even smarter than her friends i guess. She went for brain test. She has a very intelligent thinking. She's above than smarter kids. Her knowledged level is extremely HIGHER. I'm not shy to admit that she is smarter than me. :( She has a very good studies. She got pupil award. Best top in class award. And many more awards that her school had given her. As for me,i only got a medal from my secondary sch. That's my achievement from what i gain. I get a champion award for NPCC. For u people who doesn't understand what it stands for "National Police Cadet Corps". Yes. I'm in a uniform group when i was in sec sch. I'm good in acting. hehes :) That's a compliment from my teacher. Not me. Confidance in acting is not my priority. My passion is singing. I sing when i'm bored. I sing when i'm happy. And so on..I love to read. I love Novels. Malay Novels. Library is my fave hang out,when i'm stuck with nothing to do. I admit that i love to DAYDREAM. Err..some people may find me weird. Sometimes,i do look out outside the window,and my mind starts to re-wind like a CD. life is not complete yet as u see. I have my famliy. I have my BF. I have my BFF's. Even still it's like not 100% completed. I don't know why. Oh,sad to say that my maid she only works for us at least one year. :( I taught she's going to stay for 2 years. Her contract end next year 2012. But then if she left,i've no friend to laugh with,to cry with,to eat with,to sleep with,to share my stories when i'm sad with. :'( I treat her like my own sister. She's my only friend/sister/bff whom i can talk with,when i'm major problems. I love to disturb her everyday. I laugh with her. Sometimes,i even go market with her. Never once's my family betrayed her. I rememeber,there was once's i come home crying. There's no one at home,and she opened the door for me. My tear's started tickling down. She actually saw it already. She start's asking me what happpened. I didn't ans her. I was totally down. I ran in my bedroom. Grab the pillow and cried. :'( I was in alot of pain,which i can't even discribed the pain in words. My tears,ran down so fast. She asked,what happened,who made me cry..i told her,it's all because of my BFF. I had a fight with my BFF,outside in public and she calls,me names. I was angry,and upset. That was the reason i told her. That was the truth. But,indeed..she advise me to end my friendship with her,cause she told me it's not even worth it if i forgive her,yet she still does the same thing again. In the end,i made the decision. You see,even when i'm upset she know's what's my character like. She will pampered me..made me laugh&smile again. My heart will melt if she make me laugh&smile back. She's the only person,who know's me well. She knows,how to handle my heart with care. Without her,i'll be empty. To my sayang,i'll be waiting for u by myside. You're the only guy in my heart,that can make me smile&laugh during my down days. I know sometimes,i'm keeping my sorrows deep in my heart,and u didn't see it inside of me. I'm sorry. I'll be there when u need me. I miss you. I love you. Muacks. :)

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