Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hello everyone! It's already the third week of may. Let me start by welcoming the month of may in a loud of applause. As you all know,the month of may is already the 5 month that we've already been on since 2011. Time really flies. Time don't await us..is that we that run against time. Time is so precious. So,treasure ur time. There are alot of things happened just today. 3/05/11. This happened in the morning. I was at home,doing some reading when i heard a loud explosion. I knew it could had been something. I check every bedroom. But none. I went to the kitchen and i could sense smoke. Automatic! I knew the rubbish chute caught fire. This the second time the rubbish chute caught fire. I rush downstairs. I opened the rubbish chute,my goodness! The smoke was so unbearable. I quickly called up the fire brigade. 995..! But it took 10mins to them to response. yea. The smoke can be seen! It's so big. The metal locker,is too hot for me to open up. Then..another explosion.! That was a close shave. Lucky i didn't stand near. If not i don't know what will happened. Still then the fire-fighter's have not come yet. So slow. I called again. But then they said they are on the way. I saw them. But the gundu fire-fighter's didn't know where is block 139. It's excactly when they turn to the left! And they go and turn one round. Stupid isn't it? haiss..The police arrived. The fire-figher's put out the fire in 5 mins. The used something like a gun. It's called "midst gun" or something like that la..i don't even know what it is called. Goodness! I just wander what had trigged the explosion? My neighbours from hell did it. I don't know what subtance that they throw down into the rubbish chute. I might guess,it's something to do with liquid. Cause liquid can cause and explosion. The SCDF took picture's of the rubbish chute and what so ever they do with it la..hmm..it's my second time calling the SCDF. Hehees...
The person who answered the call is a malay. haha. He speak's malay to me. keke. aww..ohya..i've been alone at home today. :( So boring..no friends. No one to talk too. My mum and my maid had gone to the hospital,cause mymum did chemotherapy. And seen the doctor too. They reach home at 630pm. Duuh. It's a long day they have been in the hospital. So yea..i'm updating my blog at night cause i'm more freshie. I'm a night person yo. hehe..so,that's all for today! Until,i see u again..XoXo..take care!

HeRe's A PicTuRe OF tHe BuRniNg RubbiSh ChuTe!
The fire fighter's are putting out the fire. See the black gun? That's the midst gun..or whatever it spells la..
The powder foam had been out! Did u know,u can used flour to put out fire too? It's only used if the fire is small. NOT BIG! Bear that i mind!! :D

This is the looks after the fire had been put out. It looks like a horrible mess..!

Ignore the uncle. hehes :)
The picture that i took from far.
SCDF was trying to pour what's inside. Seriously..
The found something burning like charcoal. haha..
Still got fire inside ohkays. Even i couldn't tolerate the smoke.
Lucky i didn't get smoke inhalation. duuh! ;)
That's all for tonight! :) Signing off..
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