Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear diary,
I'm back for good. It's been like a week since my last post entry.
My laptop broke down,when i was about to update. So yeah.
I send it for repair. It cost me a bomb! It is because,my LCD & LED screen is broken.
And they fix it within one day! Amazing! :)
Actually,come to think of it my laptop drop on the floor quite a number of times.
That's why the Screen gone case larh. haha! And little monster step on it too. haiss..
Double broken already la. haha..!! Ok,let's drop the topic kays.
Getting back to my story..
It's been a hetic day at home. Cause little monster is here. haiyoh!
If the both of them come,confirm will be more hetic. I mean my nieces.
I can't tolerate their nonsense. School holiday,please end faster so that she
will go to school,and not be back here. haha! So cruel of me. Hey! Before i forget,
this sun is father's day cum my dad's birthday! We are going out to celebrate.
And for your info,my dad and me our birthday date is the same.
Dad : 19/06/1950
See? Same date,but different month. That means...I'm daddy's child. In malay is called "Anak Abah"...
haha!! Really! He pampered me alot. He buy me so many soft toy,when i was so small.
He would carry me onto my bed,when i've fallen asleep at the living room.
He would sing to fall asleep..And many other's,which i couldn't remember.
He's 61 this year. But he's still working. :) So..I would like to wish him..
May Allah,bless you.
Next,is my turn!
19 this year. Wow! Time,really flies uh..
Now,let me tell u want i want for my birthday present..
All i want is...a birthday cake and 6 candles. :D
A birthday card. And...a big hug..
That's all. Nothing eles.
Cause..i don't feel like celebrating. I just don't feel like i'm 19.
Can somebody tell me,what's life when u're 19?
Sayang,you've been in this age before right? I wana know,what is it feel be 19?
Well,i shall wait and see..
I'm missing someone right now..
Feel's like crying.. :'('s alright.. :D

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart"

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