Friday, June 3, 2011

Honeybunch..i miss you alot..
I wana hug u..but you're far..
I wana laugh with you,but you're not here..
I wana kiss you on ur cheeks..but you're not close to me..
I miss those times,we had together. I wish you're right here,by myside..
I wish you could sayang..Cause,you're the only one,whom i gave my heart too.
I wouldn't "bear" to lose you. Sayang,if there is 100 guys who has the same character as u,i would chose you to be mine..cause you're mine property. sey. hehes :)
Anyway sayang,it's been..5 mths i guess,since we are in a r/s. It's already june.
One more month left,OUR birthday's are coming.
12 july&19 july. But..i'm not in my 20s lah sayang.. :(
I wish i could. sad. I'm 19 this year.
Sayang,are u sure you,don't mind the age gap?
If you asked me,i'll say..i really don't mind..cause age doesn't count.
It's only that my heart belongs to i right? hmm..
Sayang..i miss you right now. But..all i can do now is..
to pray for ur safety..:)
Honeybunch,you're always in my prayer's. Even tho,u didn't text me always..
I know,you're always thinking of me right? You're always close to me. In our hearts.
Sometimes,you come in my dreams. okok..*tears rolling down*..
what sayang? You whisper's "If u love me pls,don't cry syg"..
Okok,i'll stop. :(
sayang..i've to go now. Need to slp. Oh btw,i'm doing ok. Don't worry kays.
Love. Nites bie. Muacks.

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