Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look,at these pictures..
They are the once's that live a deep impact on me..
Firstly,i'm not angry with you sayang <3
It's just that i'm missing you...
I really understand ur situation..
I really don't chose to ignore eu from the start..
Sayang..i'm sorry :( If u hadn't been with me..
all this things would never happened.
But,i'm always thankful to Allah,
for giving me the best gift ever...
You're my everything..A friend whom i can always depend on. A boyfriend,that always care for me. Sayang..
Do you remember all the promises you made? :) I do won't ever break those promises. Cause my heart is not too fragile to handle this type of situation. Bby,i'm writing this..with all my heart. I truely love u. I'm sincere in loving you. I won't break promises that i've made. I don't know,if u do see that i really love you so much..<3 LOvE you alot sayang <3 Muacks.

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