Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear diary,
                  Today (19/07/11) is my big grant day. I've my b'day celebrated. Yes. It's my birthday today. I'm in my 19s already. It's good to be in my 19th. I leave my 18th with a smile. (: I've grown up. Today,i celebrated it with my love. We went to Nex serangoon. I wanted to celebrate it at icing room. So we did. I choose a 4 inch cake. That cost me $11.80. It's an icing cake. So,after that i decorated it with colouring tube. There are 4 colours. Pink,blue,brown,green. And a flower desgin sweets. Take a good look at the cake. So like what. But to me,it's already special. It's only a cake. After finish decorating,the sales girl gave me 10 candles. Yes! 10! So many right? haha! Right after then,we had our lunch cum dinner at swensens. Guess what? It's my treat.! I paid for everything. It cost me $31.07. Wow! Had a great lunch. And after that,i got a free ice-cream from them,cause it's my birthday! :) Actually,we wanted to cut the cake there,but the manager didn't allow us to. It's ok! :D

Hie sweety! <3 Thanks a million for celebrating it with me today! I really had an enjoyable time with u.
It made my day. Even tho,i did cry for awhile just now. Sorry,i don't know what was i thinking. Taking pictures with u..was the most happiest moments of my life. And there was this another couple,taking pics too! Haha. So we are. So cute! You asked me why do clouds follow us.? Hmm..i don't really know. And guessing game. The clouds forming of shapes..hehe.! Bie,love u to the upmost. Thanks for the b'day card bie..i love it so much. <3 Bie,if anything happened to me..ok,not the right time. My heart beats only for u. Nothing eles matter's. <3 Muacks.!
My lovely cake with candles..*kids pls do not try this at home*..Only if accompany with aldults like me. hehe..! I do make a wish before i blow. hehe. He doesn't know what wish i make. hmm..it's a secret u know..it can't be reveal. So yeah. A good start to welcome my 19th b'day! Now,only left with 1 more hour to end it..so..HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY TO ME! :D cheerios!!

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