Friday, July 8, 2011

 Dear diary,
Today was the best day i had ever had..going out with my primary school besties. Yea. It's been so long since we ever met. Me,irah,mag,eileen. We actually wanted to go karaoke. But then,it was expensive. So in the end we made our way to city hall. Then we walk around..we drank starbucks. After that we go to suntec city mall. Wow. Nice adventure. Walking around. Then,mag had to leave..cause she and her BF is celebrating her anniversary. Irah,suddenly rememeber a movie that she wana watch. haha. But,it running late. So we decided to go home. Before we go home,i was i had pizza. :) hehe..Then..eileen and her BF go different way. Me and irah go home. It was a tiring day,but i did had fun going out with them. And at last,irah and me when on our own directions home..
This me and irah. BFF! Nice one. Mag took the pic for us! :) We were at suntec city at that time..

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