Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear diary...
                      What's worst? It's been a short while since i last update my blog. Sorry for the delay. I was having some problems and busy here and b'day is coming soon. In 4 days time. I'm always ready to turn 19. I always pray to help me guide my life through out my days. There is always something that i want to achived being 19 years old. What i've face during my 18 years of life has it's ups and downs. Life is going in a circles. No matter how hard life is,one must go thru obstacles in life. On tues..12/07/11 i celebrated my BF 21st birthday. I went over to his house and celebrate it. Cutting the cake and singing a birthday song for him.. :) i had an enjoyable time with him. This tues 19/07/11 is my birthday. hahas. Time is ticking away..been reflecting what have i achived during my 18 years of life. Till now,i'm still thinking of what have i achived the most out of for my 19th birthday,there's no biggest differences in life..everything is the same. :)

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