Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hi peeps..
I was like busy today. My mum asked me to bake kuih. Arggh. Damn it. The kitchen is so messy! We make 2 kuihs today. (Eh,belum raya dah bikin kuih?) Kuih suji and kuih tart. Yea. I make until my whole face and hair is full of flour. Hahas! That's what i did,when i was still in primary school. During fasting month,my mum will always love to make kuih.
We will make many kuihs. Nice! damn tiring. I had backache actually. But nevermind. It's an excersice. Yea. I had mac burger for dinner. Nice! Tmr is the day for fasting day. 01/08/11. Fasting month tmr! yay! But i can't fast. Cause we girls are special. I only can fast on thursday. hehe. I can't wait. Right now,i'm watching President Star Charity. I've to go. Bye!

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