Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm back!
Hmm..i know,some of you miss me! Eh. jgn nak perasan loh..haha!!
Well,getting back to my story..i would just start off with my life...

Life is doing great!! I went back to melaka,last sat! It was so fun!
My uncle who drove the car. I went there,for a wedding ceremony actually..
Then after that,i went back to kampong life for awhile..
It was fun,there. Cause it's i really enjoy sleeping there. And kampung life,is so breezing! After i woke up from my sleep,i walk out of the room..everyone was sleeping. Including my auntie and uncles. And not forgetting the adults too. Cause it
was tiring journey from s'pore to melaka. I had my shower! In kampung,we used a "well" to bath. OMG! To cooling! I love it so much! So,while enjoying the breeze of kampung life..all my grandma&grandpa came. It's been so long since i last saw them.
I miss them too. As time passed by,we only go home after our prayers. It was around 730pm,when u packed our bags and ready to leave. I felt like crying because it's been so long..since i last saw them. Before we left,we had our dinner there too. My nenek,cooks mee goreng for us. After we eat,and do our prayer's,we left. :D And my aunty bring me to a shopping mall at melaka. It's call Mydin mall. The shopping mall there is very big. So i had my chanced,to shop around. I asked my dad for 50 ringgit. But i didn't buy anything,cause i wasn't feeling too well. I had a bad stomach cramps.
So,i had to sit down. While the other went to shop. It was around 11pm in the afternoon,as the mall is going to close. We left the mall at 1130pm. Yea. It was quite late already. And it's a long journey back to s'pore. Finally,we reach at our destination. At s'pore checkpoint. It was not jam after all. Yea. :) I only reached home at 2am in the morning. What a tiring day!! And very meaningful journey too. :D

I guess,i'm writing at the above like a composition. heh.
Rate me pls. Yea, I know,i'm not a good writer,but i'll to improved. :D
Ok,till i see u again!!

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