Monday, July 25, 2011

This ghostly tale is true i swear
"A double tragedy at jalan Bahtera Campsite"

It was back in 2002,at that time i was in Primary 4. My school had organised a Primary 4 camp for the students. It was sited at Jalan Bahtera. I was looking forward to the day itself. And it happened to be a 3 days and 4 nights Camp. The day finally arrived.
During the first stay we have Our funs. We organised our cheers,knowing our instructor's,and unpacking our stuff. We had an enjoyable time playing bonding games.
The first incident happened to me and my other friends on the 3rd night. Our instructor's
had planned to have a night walk after dinner. That's excactly at 10pm,where everyone had their shower and so on..Before,we had our night walk..our instructor's gave us instructions on what could be we expecting and our safetyness. As they were telling about it,my eyes was glued to a tree. I wasn't concentrating on what they are saying actually. Guess what i saw? There is a big tree,underneath the tree there is a big statue standing under the tree for so long. A white thing. It didn't moved. Seriously shit! I was scared to death. What on earth was that!? I asked my friends,if they saw it. But they said no I asked my instructor,they said it's a lamp post. I didn't believed what they told me next! We had to walk passed that tree back again!!! How on earth i'm gonna ever did that!? Holy Crap! The next big thing i knew, friends told me that i suddenly shouted so loudly and fainted right INFRONT of that tree!!! I guess,nobody believes my story when i told my friends and teachers what i saw. Fyi,i did some researched on that Campsite,and now i know that the place is haunted and there is a POCONG under that tree...

The next incident happened on the very last night. We had campfire on the night before we set home the next day. As per usual,we had our fun..laughing,cheering,singing and etc..And we are told by our instructor's that we will have a mini ghost stories telling session. It were told by them itself. The classes spread and went into their own way. This story happened not to our class but to one of the Primary 4 classes. And i swear it's true.
It happened,when one of the instructor told them ghostly tales in their own bunk. He switch of the lights start telling them. Those students sat closesly beside each other. Holding their hands tightly. As soon as he finished telling them the stories,he on the lights back..i heard that some of the students are missing. 6 of them. Are missing. It is not known,how they got missing and it's truth. I don't know what happened next,but from what i heard from my other schoolmates they are found in toliets,and teacher's bunk. But,one of the students from their class,is missing till now. We don't know,where had she gone to but effords of trying to find her is very futile. Since then,i never heard from her or her friends telling me about her anymore. I'm telling u that,i don't know what had their instructor told them about,but i can really swear that one of their classmate had gone missing forever. And this entire thing is true,i swear.!

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