Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hey peeps! I'm starting to blog again..
It's like 2 weeks since i last wrote..cause i've no idea on what to write..
I've so many things to write about..firstly i would like to write about my days.
I've been doing really fine. No complaints. Yea,it's fasting currently very tired. I've started to miss that someone. I wander if i could be able to meet him again.
Time really flies about. Tho,i'm not interested with hari raya at all. Not in the mood for now. I bet only kids do. Cause they are always prone to this kind of days. I mean special days. So yea. Where was i again? So sorry,i've been disturb. haha. I'm blogging and listening to music too. So,yea..i got the feeling. Hmm..ohya..
Just today i go excercise at night. haha. I walk from my house till hougang st 91.
Not that far. Cause serangoon and hougang is like a hill already. Serangoon is in the middle. So i walk with my maid. Woah! I reach my location only in 15mins.!
I when to hougang point only to buy shampoo. what the fish right? haha..Then get home i took a bath. Cause i was like sweating...hehe. Then i feel so fresh. I decided to blog la..hehe. While i'm onto it..i'm watching glee..! Haha..while i'm still stuck with smsing. Woots! hmm..let me think of what should i say somemore here..hmm..i think that's it. I'll blog tmr..! i'll see u when i see u. XoXo!

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