Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hey lo!!
Pwincessfafa is back! :D It's been a long time since i last update my blog. Yea,because Hari Raya is finally here! So i was kinda busy helping out in the kitchen. With the cooking and cleaning up. Woah. Feel so tired. But,i did have laughter and fun in the kitchen. So..for my first day of raye,was great! My family proceeded for my grandma's house at yishun. Every year is the same. Grandma's house is always the must and the first. We stayed there for 2 hours. I love grandma's cooking!! But this year,grandma didn't cook because she had always been forgotten. She always repeat her words everytime. What i mean is,she will asked me a question. Then i answer. Then the next moment she will asked again. Then again. It continues...yea. I'm tired of answering btw. But what can i do? I'm her grandchildren. Must respect her hor. Get back to my story,first day of raye..i've eaten alot of foods. My stomach seriously wana explode. Delicious foods. And after staying at grandma's place,we went to yishun st 61. That's my dad's sister house. Every year,my house will be in a full swing with lots of guest. And this year,since my mum is sick..they opened house at my dad's sister place. So yea..i ate again there. My stomach is loaded. We stayed there about 1 hour. Then after that go home. At home,my father's friend is coming. So my house is full of people.! OMG! Finally i got to meet my 2 bestfriends. That is Asyikin and fadilah. They will come my house for every first day of hari raye. Since they were small too. We used to play home also can play hide and seek. haha! I wish i would not grow up. I had fun playing with them. Now,we've all grown up. All we did was just to chit-chatting about of life. And enjoy our life to the fullest. While i'm onto it,i miss someone. Last meet,19/07/11. 2 months back. :'(  sighs*....when will we will meet again dear? 2 months passes by..and now it's already Hari Raye. It's like everyday i'm missing u. Sometimes,when i look at our photo's..tears dropping. Sighs*...all i've to do patiences. I tired to put that feeling away for awhile,but i can't. :'( It's ok. That's what i've been telling myself. :D I tired to put on a smile. But you wont know what's inside my heart...

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