Sunday, October 16, 2011

As the story goes by...My 1 year anniversary

As the story goes by...time really flies...
It's already 1 year since i'm attached. 15/10/11(Saturday) the day that we celebrated OuR anniversary. We have been couple since 15/10/10..
I thank Allah for the bless relasionship he had given me..
I thank Allah for the special gift that he had given me..
I pray,so that our relasionship will last till forever and ever..
He's the only one that i love,no one eles in my heart..
He's the only guy and i love him so much..
I would have given up on love,if not for him..
He's the one who accept me for who i am...
And know's what is inside my heart...
I love him dearly,and i wouldn't leave him alone..
Or i'll leave him unattended...
I love him..
I miss him..
I'll always be there with him..
On that special day..
And always and forever..
His property..
As a saying goes by..
"There is one special moment,where i could spend my whole life with you"..

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