Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fun day at Marina Barrage!

Hi peeps! Firstly,i want to thank my best friends for going out yesterday. (29/10/11)
I had a fun time with them. We went to Marina Barrage. There were 5 of us. 3 girls,1 boy. Me,irah,dinah,mag,eugene. It's been so long time i meet with them. They are my primary school friends. I miss them so much! :D We had fun and laughter there. Eugene,the most handsome guy..was the famous one among us! It's because of his pose and we took pictures of him. hehe. silly guy. He's taller now. I hadnt been seeing hadhinah for so long! I miss talking to her. :D Hehes..Eugene then,bought a kite. An eagle. It cost a bomb! We had simple lunch. Mag bought some tuna and bread. I had those. Plus tibits,that we bought too. I got myself sunburn. So,i'm half black and white. Too add on,i wasnt feeling well enuf. I was sick the day before. But i'm still surviving yeah. After all that,we had our dinner at plaza singapura. We had burger king. And there again..we took alot of pictures..! hahahas! Some of the pictures are so unglam. hehe. We end up walking around the shopping centre,before we got home. I reach home at 8pm. At that time,i could feel my body is numb. I was having headache. I vomitted. What i eat for dinner..all came out from my body. :/ I remember i eat fish burger. It's half cook. That was why..i feel so weak. I took my meds. In case my fever comes back again. Just today,i uploaded the pics on to fb. hehe. :D Those memories will stay. :D

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